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Haida Skirl

Haida Skirl wavy edge siding combines the natural beauty and performance of Western Red Cedar with a distinctive look unlike any other material. Hand crafted, the deep texture and wavy edge of Haida Skirl makes a dramatic statement that enhances the appeal of any home.

Haida Skirl is produced from carefully selected Western Red Cedar. Cedar's natural characteristics protect against decay and instects, ensure materials stay straight, lay flat, and provide an excellent base for paints and stains. A variety of decorative effects can be used, an advantage of real wood cedar siding.

Each piece of Haida Skirl is carefully inspected and knots Permi-Fused where necessary to provide a 100% tight knot grade. To emphasize appearance, extra thickness is added to the siding to provide a deeper shadow line. Each piece of Haida Skirl is unique as it is the only wavy edge siding that is manually produced by specially trained operators. Every project you complete will be one of a kind with Haida Skirl distributed by IWP.

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  • Visually stunning alternative to regular Cedar siding.
  • 3-20', Odd & Even
  • Minimum 70% 8' & Longer, Maximum 12% 3-5'
  • 15/16" X 10"
  • 15/16" X 12"
  • Sawn textured, fine grained to accentuate the natural beauty of Western Red Cedar.
  • 100% tight knot, or Permi-Fused.
  • Also available in Cedar grades.
  • High percentage of heartwood for added durability.
  • Kiln dried to 14% average moisture content to ensure maximum stability.
  • Hand Crafted by specialists.
  • Protects against decay and insects.
  • Stunning wavy look, each piece is unique.