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Monday, December 21, 2015 at 4:03PM

The Pacific Northwest Exterior Trim category in recent years been dominated by SPF trim, with high end projects leaning heavily toward Clear Primed Fingerjoint Cedar.  Both of these products are great, and meet a market need!  But today's value AND quality concsious consumer and builder are looking for options, and IWP has an excellent option...



Forest Trim is a fingerjointed, edge-glued and primed exterior trim offering a unique combination of stability, versatility, environmental responsibility, and value.  With natural resistance to decay and rot, Forest Trim offers the ideal substrate for outdoor applications.  As a reversible product, Forest Trim features a resawn and a smooth face to meet any design aesthetic.
Forest Trim is sourced from responsibly managed forests to support the market-driven quest for sustainable products.
What does this mean for you?  With Forest Trim you get a superior product with years of proven performance to meet the needs of professional contractors and homeowners alike!



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