Patio Roof Riser

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Patio Roof Riser (PRR) offers a simple solution for a common problem!  Building a roof to cover a deck or patio has historically required posts being mounted to the existing roof.  Cutting into your roof costs time and money, and there is a potential for leaks!

Patio Roof Riser was created by Bryan Marlow, after 30 years of facing this same problem while building custom deck and patio covers.  Patio Roof Riser is an adjustable-pitch mounting bracket for patio roofs, so you can easily mount your posts to any pitch in minutes with no alterations.  Patio Roof Riser saves you time and money and looks great doing it!  PRR is proudly manufactured in the USA.

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Product DescriptionFinishInformation
Patio Roof Riser HardwareBlack Copper Vein Powder CoatAdjustable pitch
Decorative PRR Bridge WashersBlack Copper Vein Powder Coat8 Washers used per riser