Shakertown Craftsman, Cedar Cove and Colonial

Looking to increase curb appeal?  Look no further than the  genuine, natural color and grain of Shakertown® products, offering a  great cedar siding solution for  any new or remodel project.

Cedar adds  dimension and drama to a home’s exterior.

Shakertown offers a variety of  products to add to that dimension.  Individual sidewall shingles, fancy cut patterns, and pre-manufactured Craftsman or Cedar Cove shingle panels.

Whichever option you select, cedar siding offers classic beauty to outlive trends in style and natural resistive properties to  outlast other building materials!  When properly maintained, cedar is renowned for its inherent resistance to the effects of sun, rain, pests, and time.

Along with being beautiful and durable,  Shakertown® Craftsman Cedar Shingle Panels can reduce labor and waste as well.

Shakertown Craftsman ShingleCedar Cove
8' Craftsman 1 Course Keyway Even Butt 7"37845
8' Craftsman 1 Course Staggered Butt 7"37845
Special Order Standard Color Pre-Stained Craftsman1665Units Only45
Special Order 8' Colonial 2 Course Keyway Even Butt37445
8’ Cedar Cove Primed 1 Course Keyway – Even Butt 5” 20656