Trex RainEscape

Trex RainEscape is an under-deck drainage system designed to keep rain, spills and snowmelt from dripping through elevated deck boards creating a dry space below the deck. Once the Trex RainEscape deck drainage system is installed, homeowners can design an outdoor living space that includes lights, ceiling fans, entertainment centers, an outdoor kitchen ; or create a dry storage area under an elevated deck for storing tools, equipment and patio furniture.. In areas where heavy rainfall, RainEscape can be utilized to direct water away from your home or structure. Trex Rain escape is now available in both cedar tone and black.

Product DescriptionAvailable SizesColors
RainEscape Components
RainEscape Downspout12” x 16”Black, Brown
RainEscape Troughs12” x 16”Black, Brown
RainEscape Butyl Tape (for wood) 4” x 50’
RainEscape Butyl Tape (for Elevations steel framing)2” x 50’
RainEscape Butyl Caulk10.5 oz.
RainEscape Post Flash4 x 4
RainEscape Wall Flash¼” x 1” x 25’
Trex Protect
Joist Tape1-5/8” x 50’
Double Joist/Beam Tape3-1/8” x 50’