Panel Siding

Prime Time Siding offers the stability of T-1-11 premium 6-patch Hardel Ply siding with a convenient, ready-to-paint primed panel, perfect for the Northwest climate! Redi-Coat Siding offers those same benefits on a fir select product – combining value and quality in one great panel!

Clear Hardel Ply Siding is a premium siding panel featuring a beautiful, natural wood appearance. The face of the panel offers a natural textured appearance and the inner cores are made from western softwood veneer with a water resistant (NAUF) phenolic resin. Clear Hardel Ply siding allows synthetic repairs and is not intended as a stain grade product. 6-Patch Hardel Ply Siding has the same features with patches allowed on the face of the panel.

Select Fir T1-11 siding (18 patch) is a great siding value with the strength and grain of western softwood veneers.