LP WeatherLogicIWP is excited to bring LP WeatherLogic™ Air & Water Barrier to 10 Western states!  WeatherLogic is comprised of Structural 1 OSB sheathing with an integrated vapor-permeable membrane, engineered to provide strength and structural stability to a home’s roof or walls.  It also serves as a water-resistive air barrier.  The vapor-permeable membrane is permanently bonded to the OSB substrate and replaces conventional housewrap.  Designed to be paired with WeatherLogic Seam and Flashing Tape or WeatherLogic Seam and Flashing Sealant, all panel joints, openings, and material transitions must be sealed.  When completed the system creates a tight, long-lasting building envelope while still allowing moisture vapor to escape.  Created with protection in mind, LP WeatherLogic looks out for your home and the environment by storing more carbon than it releases over its lifetime, making it carbon negative and contributing to a healthier planet.


  • 30-year limited warranty
  • Quicker and easier to install compared to traditional OSB and housewrap
  • Contributes to home’s energy-efficiency
  • Versatile roof or exterior wall application
  • Carbon negative by ASTM in 2023
  • Panels can be cut and drilled the same as other OSB or plywood
LP WeatherLogicPieces per unit
7/16" x 4' x 8' WeatherLogic OSB69
7/16" x 4' x 9' WeatherLogic OSB69
7/16" x 4' x 10' WeatherLogic OSB69
1/2" x 4' x 8' WeatherLogic OSB STRUC 160
5/8" x 4' x 8' WeatherLogic OSB STRUC 152
LP WeatherLogic Flashing & Tape
3.75" x 90' Seam Tape12
6" x 90' Seam and Flashing Tape8
20oz Seam and Flashing Sealant12