Western Red Cedar Bevel

Cedar bevel siding is widelyused and is produced by resawing lumber at an angle to produce two pieces thicker on one edge than the other. The manufacturing process produces  one face that features a resawn texture, and the other face is generally smooth but may be  textured.  Bevel siding can be clear or tight knot; solid lumber or finger joined, and primed or raw.  It is installed horizontally and the thicker butt of the piece creates  an appealing shadow line.
Bevel Nailing Diagram

3/4 x 8 Clear VG Bevel3/4 x 8 VG FJ Primed Bevel3/4 x 8 STK KD Bevel
1/2 x 6 Clear VG Bevel1/2 x 6 VG FJ Primed Bevel 3/4 x 10 STK KD Bevel
1/2 x 8 Clear VG Bevel1/2 x 8 VG FJ Primed Bevel11/16 x 6 STK KD Primed Bevel
3/4 x 10 Clear VG Bevel3/4 x 10 VG FJ Primed Bevel 11/16 x 8 STK KD Primed Bevel