Mustang Trim & Fascia


TFP MustangDoug Fir is a natural choice for exterior trim and IWP is pleased to bring the rustic beauty of Mustang by Terminal Forest Products, to a location near you.  Mustang Doug Fir is KD TK material, milled as a Rougher Head S1S2E.  The rougher head finish has a wire brush texture, giving the wood a uniform sawn-face look.  Whether choosing the surfaced side for a modern aesthetic, or the rough side for the rustic appeal, Mustang delivers the quality and beauty we expect of a TK Appearance Doug Fir board, at an affordable price.


  • Rougher Head finish S1S2E
  • Graded to both faces
  • Doug Fir grows quickly and is sustainable material
  • Holds screws and nails well; Takes paint and stain well
  • 100% Tight knot appearance
  • End wax sealed
Mustang Trim & Fascia by TFP
1x4 through 1x12 -- Net Thickness 7/8"
2x10 and 2x12 -- Net Thickness 1-7/16"