UFP-Edge Trim & Fascia

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IWP is proud to offer UFP- Edge Fascia and Trim for the California market in both SPF and Premium Pine

UFP-Edge primed SPF trim fortified with Exterior Topical Preservative (XTP) offers amazing protection, safeguarding each board against rot and termites. This branded offering of exterior wood trim and fascia is sure to provide years of low-maintenance beauty and enhanced curb appeal.


  • Knotty SPF wood is kiln dried and stable
  • Two-sided board surface: S1S2E resawn face
  • Factory-applied coating enhanced with mildewcide applied to all 6 sides
  • 20-year limited warranty

UFP Edge Premium Pine Trim & Fascia is manufactured from hand-selected tight knot Radiata Pine, finger-jointed and edge-glued for enhanced stability. Each board is double primed, sanded and ready for a top coat!


  • Select-tight-knot (STK) Radiata Pine
  • Finger-jointed and edge-glued for superior stability
  • Reversible resawn/smooth face (S1S2E)
  • Factory-applied primer with mildewcide
UFP-Edge Primed SPF with XTP – Solid Sawn
1 x 3 thru 1 x 12S1S2E – Resawn face16’, 20’
2 x 4 thru 2 x 12S1S2E – Resawn face16’, 20’
Available combed surface – Special Order
UFP-Edge Premium Primed Pine – Engineered
1 x 3 thru 1 x 12S1S2E - Reversible16’, 20’
2 x 4 thru 2 x 12S1S2E - Reversible16’, 20’