Allura Shake

Allura LogoIWP is excited to bring another durable and long-lasting product from Allura™ to a store near you.  Whether accentuating a small gabled area, a portion of sidewall, or an entire house, Allura Fiber Cement Shakes add distinction and the appeal of texture and detail.  Available in a variety of designs and styles, Allura Shakes provide flexibility to match the details of historical patterns or the contemporary aesthetics of a neighborhood.  Manufactured with a cedar wood grain face, Allura shakes have the look of individual shingles and the installation ease of multi-shake straight or staggered edge panels.  For even quicker installation, the innovative Select™ series is comprised of three interlocking panels and includes half rounds and octagon shingles.  Designed to protect a home, fiber cement shakes are resilient, withstanding daily wear and tear as well as natural elements.  Allura fiber cement shakes are an effective long-term siding solution, and the many decorative possibilities allow a homeowner to accent structural elements providing unique character to a home.


  • 30 year warranty on Allura Shake
  • Non-combustible, Class A Fire rating
  • Allura Select™ available special order
  • Resistant to weather, insects, rot & decay
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Factory primed
Shake Siding - PrimedEdgePieces per Unit
1/4" x 16" x 48" Multi-shakeTraditional Cedar Straight300
1/4" x 16" x 48" Multi-shakeTraditional Cedar Staggered300
1/4" x 16" x 48" Multi-shakeTraditional Cedar Fish Scale300
Allura Shake Select available by Special Order, Unit quantities only.
Shake Select - PrimedEdge
5/16" x 16" x 48" RandomSquare Straight Cedar129
5/16" x 16" x 48" RandomSquare Staggered Cedar129
5/16" x 16" x 48"Half Rounds Traditional Cedar129
5/16" x 16" x 48"Octagons Traditional Cedar129