Premium KD IPE Hardwood S4S Decking

IPE KD Hardwood Decking is sought after for its beauty and durability.  IPE is a rich, dark brown color which, left untreated, will naturally turn a silvery-gray over time. Using oil or stain will help maintain the original appearance of IPE and other hardwood decking options.  We recommend you select a high quality stain specifically formulated for hardwood products.  Here are some reasons you might consider IPE for your next project:

  • IPE from IWP is kiln-dried, not air dried!  You can expect better stability and performance
  • IPE decking is very hard and durable
  • IPE is termite resistant and has a long life expectancy
  • IPE is suitable for use in harsh climates
  • IPE is beautiful in color and grain

In stock at IWP.

1 x 6 IPE Decking S4SRandom Length 8-20’
1 x 6 IPE Decking GroovedRandom Length 8-20’
5/4 x 6 IPE DeckingS4SRandom Length 8-20’
5/4 x 6 IPE Decking GroovedRandom Length 8-20’
Other dimensions available through special order
Fasteners & AccessoriesSizeCoverage
IPE Clip Extreme 4 #8 x 2-1/2”100, 300 and 600 Sq Ft
Starborn Pro Plug #8 x 2-1/2”100 & 300 Sq Ft
Pro Plug Tool for Pre-drilling & Countersinking
Starborn 305 SS Trim Head Screws #8 x 2-1/2”100 & 300 Sq Ft
Sun Frog Hardwood Deck Sealer1 gal Natural, Tropical Teak, Tropical Walnut
End Sealer – Required for all cut ends Quart