Trex ADA-Compliant Handrail

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Trex ADA Compliant Handrail offers strength, durability and peace of mind. The heavy duty aluminum system features a full complement of components to accommodate easy installation. The high-quality powder coated components resist fading, chipping and corrosion, and the wall mounts come with hardware for both wood and aluminum posts. Aluminum collars hide railing seams for a smooth transition between components, and aluminum cap ends conceal open rail ends. Trex aluminum ADA-compliant handrail is available in three colors to integrate easily with composite or aluminum deck railing.

ADA Rail Colors

Product DescriptionColors
Straight Grab Rail 96”Black, Bronze, White
Mounting & Return Hardware
Wall Mount BracketBlack, Bronze, White
In-Line Termination BracketBlack, Bronze, White
90⁰ Wall ReturnBlack, Bronze, White
Inside Corner MountBlack, Bronze, White
180⁰ Handrail Return – Candy Cane Black, Bronze, White
5⁰, 31⁰, 34⁰, 36⁰, 90⁰Black, Bronze, White
Straight Internal Joiner w/Collar
Collar onlyBlack, Bronze, White
End Cap onlyBlack, Bronze, White