Allura Lap Siding

Allura LogoOur best-selling product is chosen time and time again for its deep, realistic, wood grain, while the Smooth texture creates a cleaner, modern aesthetic.

Allura’s specially formulated Lap Siding is the perfect combination of design and function. Whether you chose the traditional appeal of a deep wood grain, or a smooth texture for a clean, modern aesthetic, Allura has the right product for your project.

  • Durable, engineered to endure harsh weather and high-wind climates
  • Noncombustible, Class A fire rating
  • Superior aesthetics
  • Factory pre-primed
  • Distinctive, more realistic textures
  • 30-year limited warranty
Lap Siding - PrimedTexturesPieces Per Unit
5/16" x 5-1/4” x 12’Wood Grain & Smooth360
5/16" x 6-1/4” x 12’Wood Grain & Smooth308
5/16" x 7-1/4” x 12’Wood Grain & Smooth252
5/16" x 8-1/4” x 12’Wood Grain & Smooth230
5/16" x 9-1/4” x 12’Wood Grain & Smooth200
5/16" x 12” x 12’Wood Grain & Smooth160