Real Trim Treated SPF Trim & Fascia

Real Trim Treated

Real Trim Treated
For years you have depended on WoodTone and IWP for a superior trim product. WoodTone is such a valuable partner because they partner continue to innovate. A perfect example is the two-step treated sealant process used in creating RealTrim Treated which was engineered by Sherwin Williams, the largest coating expert in North America. This treatment has been made specifically for WoodTone RealTrim Treated. You can set your mind at ease with a 25 year warranty and industry leading results against mold and mildew growth as tested by ASTM standards.

RealTrim Treated and IWP offer a wide variety of dimensions and lengths in tight grained, hand selected wood trim sorted through multiple steps so you can count on quality fiber for a broad array of applications including:

  • Interior & exterior trim and fascia boards
  • Window & door trim
  • Bellyband trim
  • Garage door liner
  • Rake/frieze boards
Real Trim Treated SPF Trim & Fascia
1 x 25/4 x 32 x 2
1 x 35/4 x 42 x 4
1 x 45/4 x 62 x 6
1 x 65/4 x 82 x 8
1 x 85/4 x 102 x 10
1 x 105/4 x 122 x 12
1 x 12Real Corner2 x 3 Sill
2 x 4 Sill