Cedar Siding


The beauty of Cedar is simply exceptional. In its natural, unfinished state the warm color palette ranges from light amber to deep honey brown, and the rich texture and grain are undeniably nature’s work of art. Especially striking is the combination of cedar with other natural exterior finishes such as granite, rock, or slate. Cedar accepts stains and paints readily due to the wood’s outstanding dimensional stability, fine texture, and absence of pitch and resin.

Builders that use cedar siding and trim reflect pride in craftsmanship, choosing only the finest materials, building homes with value and integrity that will last for generations.

Cedar contains natural oils that act as a preservative to help the wood naturally resist insect attack and decay. Its dimensional stability allows the wood to lay flat and stay straight which adds to the holding power of fasteners and creates a firm base for many types of paints and stains. The unique cell structure of cedar provides a high insulation value keeping your home