About Us

International Wood Products, LLC (IWP) is an independent, full service stocking distributor of quality building materials. We pride ourselves on offering superior service to independent dealers and contractor oriented yards. With a fleet of company owned trucks  and 5 distribution centers (Clackamas, OR, Medford, OR, Tumwater, WA, Cloverdale CA,, and Post Falls, ID.) we are able to service a wide range of accounts with a broad product mix and expanded delivery area.

IWP has become one of the major independent building material distributors from California to Washington State; east to Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah as well as to Alaska and Hawaii. We have built a strong reputation by providing our customers with quality materials supported by the service and integrity they have come to expect from IWP. Our committed employees are our greatest asset, leading us to success in the past, and helping IWP pave the way to the future. All of our people, from the warehouse to the sales floor; those on the road and those in the office; set themselves apart through an unsurpassed level of service. The abilities of our people has given us a distinct advantage in today’s competitive environment and will propel us forward to the future of building materials distribution.

History of IWP

International Wood Products began with the purchase of the Conifer Pacific distribution center in Clackamas, OR in November 1994. As a wholesale building materials company, Conifer was focused on the distribution of commodity items. With the purchase of Conifer, IWP’s goal was to change the focus from commodity items to a broad range of both commodity and specialty products, diversifying the overall product mix. This commitment to a diverse product mix was the foundation of IWP in 1995 and continues today, over 20 years later.

*   1995 –  Terry Hagen joined IWP as President, bringing with him 13 years of experience with Furman Lumber, one of the largest independent distribution chains in the US at the time.
*   1996 – Terry’s brother-in-law, Gary Adams, purchased IWP in January 1996 providing a stronger financial base to the company; Terry continued as President. Later the same year, Dave Stelle joined IWP as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
*   1998 –  IWP made the decision to purchase the assets of Foster’s Wholesale in Medford, OR.
*   2008 –  IWP was prepared to expand further, opening a branch in Tumwater, WA.
*   2010 – Doug Hart purchased a majority interest in IWP and became CEO with Dave Stelle assuming the role of President.
*   2019 – IWP continues expansion with the acquisition of NuForest Products in California, now operating under the IWP name.
*   2021 – Josh Hamilton is named president of IWP as Dave Stelle prepares for retirement.
*   2022 – IWP opens a new location in Post Falls ID, now proving service to 10 western states

While the ownership and leadership structure changed, IWP’s commitment to service remains the same. IWP continues to expand its customer base and product mix and is today one of the premier building material distributors in the Northwest.

Environmental Policy

International Wood Products, LLC is an independent, privately held Building Materials Distribution Company operating in the Northwest and Northern California. We recognize forestry certification and are aware of its impact on our environment, our industry, and our quality of life.

At IWP we are attentive to our customers’ needs in relation to the environment. IWP does not own any timber or forest lands, but we work to promote those suppliers that do practice sustainable forestry management over those that do not.

There are many types of certification, and many are worthy of consideration. At IWP we will do all we can to educate and inform our customers and employees of the need to purchase from and support companies in compliance with the certification requirements of their organization.

We will regularly review our policy in the evolution of the products we carry as they relate to the standards for Sustainable Forestry Management and Certification. We will continue to listen to our customer’s demands, and inform our suppliers of our desire to purchase products that cause a minimal environmental impact.