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When it comes to exterior cladding, there are so many options!  Cedar, composite, fiber cement, stone, brick…. but they all have one thing in common.  Without the right weatherization system behind them, your structure is vulnerable to the elements.  To protect your investment, choose a weather resistive barrier (WRB) designed for your application, use best-practices flashing techniques, and follow all installation instructions!

IWP is proud to partner with Benjamin ObdykeLP Building Solutions and Ox to bring you a wide range of products for any exterior cladding project.

 Benjamin Obdyke is an industry leader in moisture management solutions

  • Hydro Gap® offers premium WRB characteristics and a true drainage gap for the removal of bulk water
  • Flat Wrap® is a “back-to-basics” option with good performance at a competitive price
  • InvisiWrap® UV is the perfect option for open joint cladding
  • Slicker Classic Rainscreen® is ideal for high-wind driven rain areas and behind absorptive claddings, when used in conjunction with a WRB
  • Slicker HP Rainscreen® is ALSO ideal for high-wind driven rain areas and behind absorptive cladding, and features an integrated WRB
  • Slicker Max Rainscreen® is a tried and true solution designed for use behind stucco or veneered stone
  • Cedar Breather® is specifically designed for use with cedar roof shingles
  • Hydro Flash® GP & UV flashing are an integral part of the weatherization system

LP Building Solutions has been a leader in the cladding and sheathing market for years… and now LP offers an OSB panel with an integrated WRB!

·        The LP WeatherLogic system works to keep water out and energy in with an integrated, water-resistive overlay. The panels provide permeability and allows moisture to dry, an innovation that provides greater indoor comfort for years to come.

 HomeGuard and Titan by Ox offer jobsite tough housewrap options for a variety of applications.

  • HomeGuard is a high strength microperforated woven polyolefin housewrap with 6 months of  UV Resistance.
  • Titan Drainable is an advanced non-woven, non-perforated, Housewrap & Air Barrier engineered as a drainage material to provide superior performance.

These products enhance the building system to maximize the performance, durability, and value of a building’s most critical element—its outer structure!