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IWP Signature CedarWestern Red Cedar is the perfect choice for all your customers’ exterior applications. Cedar is more than just beautiful; its unique characteristics make it durable as well.

  • Western Red Cedar contains natural oils that act as a preservative for resistance to insect attack and decay… without chemicals!
  • Its dimensional stability allows the wood to lay flat and stay straight, adding to the holding power of fasteners and creating a firm base for many types of paints and stains.
  • The unique cell structure of cedar provides a high insulation value keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

At IWP, we take cedar a step further. We work with the finest cedar manufacturers in the west, including Terminal Forest Products, Western Forest Products, North Enderby, Teal Cedar, Columbia Cedar and more to bring you IWP Signature Cedar.

Signature Cedar ensures you get the quality you expect and best-in-class packaging, combined with educational, promotional and marketing support. With the wide range of patterns and grades available from IWP, you can help your customers create stand-out exteriors that stand the test of time. Cedar blends beautifully with stone, brick and contrasting hard surface materials so the options are endless, as are the design styles.

  • Tight Knot cedar adds natural beauty and rustic appeal. Bevel sidings offer a traditional lap siding aesthetic; change it up by doing a staggered reveal. The combination of wide boards and 1 x 3 battens create a board and batten appeal that is classic!
  • Cedar trim & fascia is graded for the resawn face, but you
  • can use the smooth face too! And for a bold look, different
  • dimensions of trim can be stacked for an amazing shadow
  • line.
  • Tongue & groove patterns are ideal for accents, ceilings, and
  • soffits. V-groove options provide a traditional look, while
  • fineline profiles create a modern look that is on-trend.
  • Cedar decking is a beautiful addition to any outdoor living
  • space, adding the natural warmth and beauty of wood.
  • Cedar timbers create substantial and dramatic outdoor
  • structures.

Ask your IWP representative for more information!