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A healthy building starts with the right housewrap or rainscreen, and IWP has a selection of products to fit any design and budget.  We are proud to partner with OX Engineered Products, Benjamin Obdyke and LP Building Products to bring you weatherization options just right for your  project and geographic area.

Ox Engineered Products

HomeGuard® housewrap is a micro-perforated, woven housewrap designed to protect your home from the elements.  HomeGuard® housewrap excels in four crucial areas: air resistance, water resistance, permeability, and durability. HomeGuard also provides high strength and 6 months UV resistance.

Titan® drainage wrap is an advanced, non-perforated weather resistive and certified air barrier material that has been engineered as a certified drainage material. With high performance in air holdout and water resistance, Titan® housewrap minimizes air intrusion and maximizes thermal efficiency. Titan® was designed with jobsites in mind, featuring premium tear resistance & ease of installation. It provides superior performance behind a variety of exterior claddings.

When you select the HomeGuard® flashings and tapes in addition to the housewrap products, you have the protection of a 15-year warranty with the HomeGuard® or Titan® Weather Barrier System.

Benjamin Obdyke

HydroGap Drainable Housewrap™ allows construction professionals to effectively eliminate excess moisture, mitigating its damaging effects.  The 1 mm drainage gap allows drainage at least 2 times faster than competitive housewraps.  Ask your IWP rep about HydroGap® SA, a self-adhered drain wrap with 100% continuous acrylic adhesive technology!

IWP offers a range of innovative products from Benjamin Obdyke along with HydroGap®, including HydroGap® SA, Flat Wrap® InvisiWrap® UV for open joint cladding, Slicker Classic, HP & Max  Rainsreens®, HydroFlash® GP, UV & LA (liquid applied), HydroCorner & Cedar Breather®  These products enhance the building system to maximize performance, and durability.

LP Building Products

For a sheathing and WRB (weather-resistive barrier) all rolled into one great product, check into LP WeatherLogic!  It’s easy to install, just like regular sheathing for roofs and walls.  LP’s innovative manufacturing process combines wood strands oriented in cross-directional layers with waxes and resins for greater cross-panel strength and stiffness. Then, to create LP WeatherLogic® panels, an integrated, water-resistive overlay is added, completing an integrated wall sheathing panel that provides both air and water protection. This eliminates the need for secondary housewrap (or roof underlayment, in most cases) while increasing the structural integrity of the home – just tape the seams with WeatherLogic Seam & Flashing Tape!